Respecting Always, Traditions of Empire Homes


1. We Care Attitude

People will be treated fairly, with respect and dignity. As representatives of Empire Homes, We will demonstrate uncompromising integrity and a caring attitude every minute of every day, anything less is unacceptable.


2. Same Team Concept              

We are a team of carefully selected, highly motivated members who thrive on success by communicating openly, and cultivate positive attitudes in a fun and competitive environment. Every person, every idea, every voice counts. At Empire Homes, our common goal is the respect for each player on the team. That includes customers, co-workers and trade partners. We should always expect the best from each other.


3. Facing Reality             

Building upon our solid business foundation, we will achieve the highest quality products and services through continuous improvement, personal responsibilities, consistent measurement, and recognition of results. In other words, the team whole is dependent on every player's performance. We will identify strengths and weaknesses in each player and react accordingly.


4. Atmosphere of Urgency                                                                          

We will be timely and decisive in our actions, bold in our thinking and never content with anything less than our professional best.


5. Thirst for Change
We will hasten our forward progress by: recognizing and being open to new technologies, ideas and concepts; streamlining our processes; and operating more intelligently to eliminate errors. Because a company grows as individuals grow, we will encourage every player to share ideas, contribute and constantly seek improvement, both personally and professionally. Only then can we exceed expectations.


6. Truth and Empowerment  

In support of company objectives we create an environment of trust and belonging, which fosters independent thought, independent action, personal growth, and creativity, without fear.


7. Atmosphere of Integrity         

We will uphold our reputation for honesty, reliability, and trustworthiness by doing whatever it takes, using honorable means, to live up to our commitment.